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UAE improves banking services for persons with disabilities

Withdrawing money from ATM

Dubai – Going to the bank and carrying out normal financial transactions used to be a Herculean task for persons of disabilities until a slew of amazing technologies brought about a sea change to accessibility levels in the banking industry.

The UAE is following the best practices in the world related to the banking services for persons of disabilities. A number of banks have launched services for them to conduct normal banking transactions independently without hassles.  In line with the vision and unfaltering efforts to make the UAE friendly for persons of disabilities, the AccessAbilities Expo (AAE) is adding up strength to the drive to introduce the latest technology for persons of disabilities for carrying out normal banking and financial transactions.

The UAE leads the Middle East region in terms of offering smart solutions for persons of disabilities in the financial services and some of the UAE banks are taking important steps towards achieving this target.

At the 3rd AccessAbilities Expo, from November 5 to 7 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), new accessible technologies will be unveiled for persons of disabilities.