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Ikea launches new furniture collection for persons with disabilities

Sweden – Ikea has announced that it will launch a new collection of furniture specially designed for persons with disabilities. The functional furniture will be released in May 2020, and was announced during the Ikea’s annual Deomcratic Design Day.

The Swedish retailer explained that products from the OMTÄNKSAM collection will be made to assist individuals with disabilities needs who are facing everyday obstacles at home.

So far, products for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are currently in the pipeline, with some designs in the collection set to include additional padding for seats, comfortable chairs, easy-to-lift flower vases and jar grippers that help you unscrew lids.

The groundbreaking range was created because, as Ikea puts it, ‘hardly any other company in the home furnishing business is addressing these issues’. The name OMTÄNKSAM itself translates to the Swedish word for ‘thoughtful’ – something which is right at the heart of the collection.