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Global Disability Management Report Released

Cambridge, Ontario – The Cowan Insurance Group has surveyed their global partners in 16 countries to compile a report on disability management practices across the globe, based on local disability insurance legislation and standard industry practices. The predominant message—disability management is complicated with few commonalities from country to country.

“Our clients often come to us for help with navigation in this complicated area of international benefits and our Asinta partnership gives us the ability to do so,” says Marc Benoit, Vice President, Group Benefits, Cowan Insurance Group. “Our Asinta partners who are on the ground in countries where our clients do business, provide us with unique local expertise to facilitate our clients’ needs globally.”

Benoit says that ensuring disability programs are compliant with government legislation and local norms are imperative; however, it’s also essential to consider the individual needs of clients and their most valuable assets—their employees. Cowan’s role, in conjunction with the support of its global partners, is to ensure that they meet these objectives.

Download the full research report Disability Management: A Global Perspective.