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Education program for children with disabilities in Costa Rica

Disable schoolgirl with classmates studying in classroom

Costa Rica – The project takes place in a public primary school that takes cares of children with disabilities in several areas: physical, vision, auditory or intellectual.

The school is financed by the Costa Rican government, and the school year begins in mid-February and lasts until December. There about 200 children in the school, aged from 7 to 12 years old, as well as some teenagers who also study here. There are 25 teachers and administrative staff who work in the different areas of the school.

Volunteer tasks:

  • Assisting the teachers in the classrooms
  • Assisting in activities for the children
  • Assisting the therapists
  • Some paper work and maybe translations for the office
  • Preparing material
  • Assisting in music and sports lessons
  • Supporting the children in self-development

The volunteers might need to learn to teach Braille, Abacus and orientation as well as mobility to the students.

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