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Shaping the future of disability policy for 2020 and beyond

People with down sydrome are happy

Australia – The National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 is about creating a more inclusive society that enables Australians with disability to fulfil their potential as equal citizens.

It is also the main way Australia implements the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Australia, making sure people with disability can participate in all areas of Australian life.

The Strategy is a shared commitment by all governments to work together to improve the lives of Australians with disability by guiding governments and other organisations to build the wellbeing of people with disability and their carers.

Help us shape the next national disability strategy

At the end of 2020 the Strategy will end and governments across Australia are working together to develop a new strategy for beyond 2020.

From April, the Australian community is invited to take part in national consultation to shape the future of disability policy for 2020 and beyond.

Visit the Overview of the Strategy to read about the National Disability Strategy, how you can be involved and the topics we would like to hear from you about.

The first stage of consultation takes place between April and July 2019.