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Calls for Disability Inclusion in Education Bill

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT) executive director, Barbara Nyangari has implored government and other stakeholders to make sure that the ongoing Education Amendment Bill gets adequate input to necessitate the crafting of a law which is sensitive to the needs of learners with disabilities.

“The impending legal piece must provide a sound basis for the expedition of the education syllabus for persons with disabilities” said Nyangari.

“Zimbabwe has developed a Sign language syllabus from Early Childhood Development to Grade three and this is yet to be implemented thus prejudicing learners who are deaf.

Nyangari also requested key stakeholders to make sure that the inclusive education policy is completed in order to create school environments that meet the needs of children with disabilities and ultimately improve the learning outcomes of learners with disabilities adding that inclusive education requires attitudinal and environmental barriers to learning are addressed.

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