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India approves Disability Sports Center

Back view of disabled athlete woman with prosthetic leg

NEW DELHI: The government of India has approved the setting up of a Center for Disability Sports in Gwalior, a move which is likely to benefit para-sports in the country.

The sport center will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 170.99 crore (24,548,129 USD), spread over a period of five years.

The center will have a Governing Body comprising a maximum of 12 members, some of them experts from “National Level Sports Federations apart from experts in para games”.

Section 30 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  Act, 2016, requires the government to take measures to ensure “effective participation of Persons with Disabilities in sports activities which includes the provision of infrastructural facilities for sports activities for them”.

The upcoming center was proposed in the budget of 2014-15.