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Airlines Accused of Disability Discrimination

Aircraft Plane Boarding Passengers In Airport Terminal

An American passenger with disabilities has called out Southwest Airlines for alleged disability discrimination. Jon Morrow of Austin, Texas claims that Southwest is making it impossible for passengers like him to travel. Additionally, he alleges that this is in violation of the Air Carrier Access Act.

The Air Carrier Access Act bans commercial airlines from discriminating against passengers with disabilities. In practice, this is widely known as allowing passengers to travel with service animals. Southwest even allow passengers to take miniature horses acting as service animals onboard aircraft. However, it also means that airlines are required to cater to disabilities such as Mr Morrow’s.

Mr Morrow claims that Southwest is violating his right to travel under the Air Carrier Access Act. He has a condition which means that his bones are brittle, and his spine is fused. Additionally, his doctor states that it is extremely dangerous for Mr Morrow to be moved by hand in the setting of an aircraft cabin.

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