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Starbucks opens sign language friendly store in China

Starbucks employee communicating in Sign Language

Guangzhou, China: Starbucks has announced it has opened its first Signing Store in Guangzhou, China, dedicated to offering employment and career advancement opportunities for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. The store will serve as a welcoming hub for those passionate about improving accessibility and experiences for all and is located near the recognized Guangdong Disabled Association and Guangdong Deaf People Association.

The store employs people who are Deaf and hard of hearing (employees) from across China, who are fluent in Chinese Sign Language. With their deep experience in working with the Deaf community, the team of partners will help to develop talent and create career opportunities at Starbucks and beyond, while raising awareness and understanding of Deaf experiences in the workplace.

Starbucks currently employs over 100 partners with disabilities in China. Building on its efforts to nurture talent and create more opportunities for the Deaf workforce, Starbucks has partnered with the Guangdong Deaf People Association to offer professional skills training, including sign language courses and internship opportunities.