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Inclusion matters in build up to the Global Platform

Old man slowly and hard pushing woman in wheelchair in winter day. Heavy snow storm in tree park.

GENEVA: Inclusion matters. The phrase turned into a hashtag today as the theme of inclusion constantly raised its head in the 4th World Reconstruction Conference, the 2nd Multi-Hazard Early Warning Conference and the Science and Policy Forum which all got underway today as part of the build up to the opening of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction on Wednesday.

The post-disaster reconstruction effort should be seen as an “opportunity to correct existing inequalities in society and to ensure that during the process of reconstruction these inequalities are addressed in practical ways,” said MamiMizutori, head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) at the opening of the 4th World Reconstruction Conference.

She said it was often the case that in the desire to help as many people as possible in the aftermath of a disaster, “people who are already marginalized can fall through the cracks.”
Sameh Wahba, World Bank Director for Disaster Risk Management and Resilience, spoke of the plight of people living with disabilities and their greater exposure to disaster risk. World Bank is committed to ensuring that all post disaster reconstruction of public facilities will be disability inclusive by 2020.

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