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Making smart technology available to children with disabilities

– Little Boy using Tablet

– Little Boy using TabletVarious apps and tools can make the daily lives of children and young adults easier and more enjoyable. However, more needs to be done before municipalities can offer these solutions. These are the main findings in a report published in Norway on how connected care technologies could make it easier for children and young adults with functional disabilities to take part in leisure activities.

Digital timetables, exercise mats, apps for translation of sign language to Norwegian, and Pokemon Go are all examples of such technologies.

“Engaging technologies like these facilitate participation,” says Undine Knarvik, senior adviser at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, and co-author on the report that discusses how connected care technology might be successfully implemented in Norway.

An earlier report from the same project showed that children and young adults with functional disabilities possess good digital skills, but their needs vary immensely, she says.Many of the users will need multiple and, in part, comprehensive services from the public authorities throughout their lives,” she says. The new reports outlines how this might be achieved.

Source: ScienceNordic