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Electronic Glasses Deliver Visual Independence for People with Vision Disabilities

women with Electronic Glasses

women with Electronic GlassesBOSTON: Massachusetts-based Zoomax (USA) recently announced the introduction of Acesight, brand new wearable electronic glasses that deliver true visual independence for the millions of people in the USA and worldwide who suffer from severe vision loss.

Acesight electronic glasses employ Augmented Reality (AR) technology and features two full HD displays that float in front of each eye. A tracking auto focus camera between the eyes captures everything the user looks at and presents everything in magnified form up to 15x normal size. A hand-held controller allows the user to adjust magnification, colors and contrast.
Illinois-resident Hayley Pelletier is 18-years old and suffers from a variety of vision issues, including Bilateral Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH), Esotropia, and Nystagmus. Hayley says of her experience with Acesight, “I could see so many things that I couldn’t see before. I watched TV from a normal distance for the first time. When I looked at my grandfather and other people around me, I was able to see facial details from far away that I could not even see up close before. Normally all I can see – even close up – is a nose or a mouth. With Acesight, it feels like I have bionic sight.”