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‘I’ll never forget this moment’: Blind woman gifted with wonderful surprise by restaurant staff

Natalie with cake
Photo: natbysight/TikTok

A woman’s birthday celebration has gone viral on TikTok, showing the amazing moment when restaurant staff went above and beyond to surprise her.

Natalie Te Paa, or @natbysight on TikTok, posted a video, captioned “I’ll never forget this moment,” of the birthday greeting given by the staff at Gino D’Acampo’s Luciano’s on The Strand in London, reported 9Honey.

“So I’m totally blind,” Natalie’s video begins. “And this is the moment I realised the lengths the restaurant staff went to in order to wish me happy birthday.”

The video, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times, shows a staff member placing a plate in front of Natalie, saying, “We wanted to wish you a happy birthday.”

The birthday girl’s dining companion then guides her hand onto the plate and viewers hear Natalie gasp as she reads what’s on the plate — a happy birthday message from the restaurant, written in Braille with melted chocolate.

“No freaking way,” Natalie exclaimed as she moves her fingers across the chocolate Braille. “They did not!”

The video ends with the inspirational message: “So take heart, despite how broken the world is right now… true kindness still exists.”

Followers expressed their joy at the gesture.

“My black soul is now a lightened charcoal grey,” one TikTok user joked — a sentiment that is shared by all 14,800 comments under the video.

“I’m bawling my eyes out” another user wrote, as another said, “Crying my eyes out.”

Natalie replied to the well wishes, writing, “Thank you so so much… Between the filming of this night I was in floods of tears! So blown away by this team!”

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