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UAE to launch sign language dictionary

a deaf woman communicating in sign Language
Photo: MOCD

UAE’s Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) will launch “Sign Language Emirati Dictionary for the Deaf” the first Employment Guide for People of Hearing Disabilities today, coinciding with the International Day of Sign Languages.

“The guidebook will “empower people who are deaf or hard of hearing with employment opportunities and getting access to services they need” said the ministry.

The sign language dictionary is a standardised collection of around 5,000 words used to teach and exclude students with hearing disabilities. “(It) is a major reference [point], and at the same time, it will raise the level of community culture in sign language. The dictionary will also UAE sign language interpreters,”

The dictionary has various sections, including sign language alphabet, official documents, tourist areas and attractions, ministries, entities and authorities, traditional food, family, trends and placements, colours, home, and accessories, to name a few, the MOCD added.

“The guidebook for the employment of people of disabilities “was designed following the ministry’s vision and mission to empower people of determination. The project is a milestone in making the written content accessible to people with hearing disabilities.” said Nasser Ismail, MoCD assistant undersecretary of Social Welfare.

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