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Make shopping malls accessible for persons with disabilities, Saudi Commission

Public restroom signs with a disabled access symbol

The Saudi Human Rights Commission has said all shops and shopping malls must make accessible entrances and exits with ramp slopes for persons with disabilities.

The Saudi Human Rights Commission announced on its Twitter account.

It published an infographic to define the ideal design specifications for ramps for persons with disabilities.

“The decision took effect from Tuesday and accordingly, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs will start continuous inspection campaigns to ensure all shopping malls abide by it.” said The Saudi Authority for the Care of Persons with Disabilities.

The move to make people in wheelchairs easily access any store, eating at a restaurant, and enjoying the many attractions that the mall offers.

A person with a hearing disability can be provided with an amplifier (FM systems) to fully understand the sales assistant’s advice. The same applies to a person in a wheelchair who would need a suitable fitting room to try the clothes, lower checkout counters, and removable digital payment terminals. All customers are supposed to leave the mall feeling like they’ve had a good experience.

Accessibility is still a work in progress, but some shopping malls in Saudi Arabia are improving their facilities.

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