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Nonprofit in Spain calls new measures to tackle sexual violence against women with disabilities

Stop sexual violence against women, woman hand

The Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (COCEMFE) has condemned the murder of a woman with a disability in Jerez de la Frontera.

It has demanded the Government and all administrations affected to adopt new measures to eradicate sexual violence against women with disabilities.

About 80% of women with disabilities are victims of violence in its different forms.” As she has pointed out, “one in four women of this social group who have suffered physical or sexual violence have acquired their disability due to the aggressions of their partners” and, “every year, we must lament the worst consequences of sexist violence. We have had an incredibly challenging year in terms of violence against women with disabilities.” said Marta Valencia, COCEMFE.

“We have seen how the coronavirus pandemic has worsened the situation of women with disabilities, as they are vulnerable. The Government approved new measures against sexual violence without considering our needs “, said Encarnación Rodríguez, secretary of Women and Equality of COCEMFE.

The confederation calls for implementing measures to increase the protection of women and girls with disabilities against all forms of violence, guaranteeing their access to justice and receiving specialized assistance. Also, they call to promote the collection of specific statistical information on this problem.

“Prevention is the most important part to avoid cases of sexual violence, so we demand that specific prevention resources be provided sufficiently so that mechanisms are implemented from all intervention areas to detect these situations of sexist violence and protect women. Victims of their aggressor or aggressors “, said Valencia.

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