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Arts strategy to engage Queenslanders with disabilities

Little girl with down syndrome learning to paint with paints at the table at home

A strategy to improve the opportunities, engagement and participation of Queenslanders with disabilities in the arts will adopted by Council.

Council has collaborated with the community, disability sector and Arts Queensland to develop an Arts and Disability Strategy, that will guide the implementation of programs, projects, resources and opportunities.

The strategy aims to provide equitable, accessible and affordable infrastructure, resources and cultural experiences for all.

Work to formulate the Arts and Disability Strategy started in 2018-19 financial year, with Council commissioning Access Arts to research and report on current best practice and policy development in reference to Queensland, Australian and international models.

There was also consultation with stakeholders to map trends and issues affecting people with disability in Cairns.

This research and consultation has provided the foundation for the strategy, which outlines actions and pathways for engagement in the arts for the next two years.

The implementation of the strategy has been designed as a staged approach in three core focus areas:

  • Focus 1: Building skills, networks and collaborations to nurture and support a culture-driven vision in step with the needs and aspirations of people with disability.
  • Focus 2: Implementing focused and strategic audience development to deliver accessible, inclusive and integrated program.
  • Focus 3: Strategic development and forward planning to ensure best practice policy, and standardised, equitable and inclusive processes.

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