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Apple invites developers to attend app accessibility session

blind man using voice command on smartphone

Apple sent invitations asking some developers to an App Accessibility session designed to teach them how iOS apps can take advantage of accessibility features built into the operating system, with the virtual event potentially being a proving ground for a new digital presentation platform expected to debut at WWDC in June.

Shared by Steve Troughton-Smith in a tweet, the invitation appears to be an email from Apple’s Developer team.

“At Apple, we believe that technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone. Join us for an online event to learn how you can take advantage of the award-winning accessibility features that come standard on Apple devices,” the letter reads.

The session will be interactive, as Apple notes developers are able to ask questions of presenters both during and after the presentation.

The meeting is set to take place this week on Thursday, April 23. Developers must register online to take part in the event.

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