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Coronavirus Pandemic

Guide to take care of mental health of people with intellectual disabilities in quarantine launched in Chile

Portrait of concentrated young man with down syndrome working on laptop outdoors.

Social isolation has been the most effective mechanism so far to reduce the spread of Covid-19. However, although the measure may preserve physical health, not applying it properly can have consequences for mental health.

On this regard, the confinement and the overwhelming information about the pandemic can be particularly complex emotional challenges for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Aware of this situation and within the framework of World Health Day, Special Olympics Chile and the Friends Forever Foundation, organizations specialized in the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, announced a series of online talks, with which they seek to guide to families and caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities around this situation.

Camila Vargas, psychologist and Coordinator of the Social Inclusion program of Friends Forever, affirms that “it is important to be able to support people with intellectual disabilities and their families in these moments of uncertainty, delivering strategies that allow them to feel more calm and have an emotional well-being during this period”.

The talks will be led by mental health professionals and will be published on the social networks of both organizations. In addition, they will be accompanied by a series of tools available for families and caregivers to download for free.

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